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Virtues and Rules of Sadaqatul Fitr ‘Sharing the Eid Smile’


‘Sharing the Eid Smile’


It is narrated from Ibn Abbas RA that the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him)  made Zakatal fitr (obligatory charity of Fitr- Ramadhan Eid)  compulsory, as a source of ‘purification’ from mistakes and sins during fasting and a ‘feast’ for the poor. (Abu Dawood) 

Ibn Abbas RA said (to the people) at the end of Ramadhan ‘ Take out your Charity of Fasting ‘ (then he narrated that) the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him)  made this charity compulsory, to give a Sa’ of dates or barely, or half Sa’ of wheat, it is compulsory upon all free, slave, male ,female, adults and children. (Abu Dawood and Nasai)


What is Sadaqatul fitr?

Compulsory charity discharged on Eid day.

Importance & virtues

  • For the person giving it Allah will purify his fasting from any sins and defects due to the charity 
  • Source of ‘Eid smile’ on those who are poor and needy by providing a feast for them


Upon whom is it compulsory?

All Muslim males, females, free, slave, young and adults as long as they have wealth beyond their necessity that is equivalent to Zakatable amount (87grams of gold, 612g of silver or its value in cash)
– Unlike Zakat, in Sadaqatul Fitr, possession of the wealth for the entire Islamic lunar year is not a  condition, as long as a person owns that amount on Eid day

– Guardians who pay on behalf of the family must ensure they (the family) know about it


When is it compulsory?

From the Subh Sadiq- Early dawn of Eid day, that is the beginning time of Fajr Salah because that is when Eid Day Begins
– If someone is sending it elsewhere then it is better to give it a little earlier so it reaches the needy by Eid Day


How much is compulsory?

As mentioned in hadeeth; 
-One Sa’ of barely or dates that is approximately between 2 to 3kg or 
-Half Sa’ Of wheat which is between 1.5 to 2kg
– Or its equivalent cash

-Speak to your Local Imam and Masjid for the amount in your locality.

Note: The reason for different prices is due to the type of product (barley or date as prescribed in hadeeth) and the different market prices.



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