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Donate an endowment to support the people of Al Quds (Jerusalem)

Minbar Al Aqsa Foundation international is based in Istanbul (Turkey) and is doing some amazing work in Al Quds (Jerusalem).

Currently you can make an endowment donation via the Minber Al Aqsa website and this will be used to construct furnished apartments, hotels and student accommodation in strategic locations and then money from the revenue generated from these projects will be used to help the people of Al Quds.


All donors receive an Endowment Deed Certificate which makes a unique and beautiful gift once framed.

The website link where you can view all their charitable products is

They also have a Facebook page at

Below is a message of support from the Sheikh Ikrama Sabri, the Khateeb and Mufti of Masjid Al Aqsa.

Anyone in the world who has access to the internet and a credit card can donate. By donating we are helping the people of Al Quds that are protecting Masjid Al Aqsa.

In the video below is a brief introduction to The Minbar Al Aqsa Foundation international.



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