Monthly Archive: January 2017

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THINK! Before you utter

-By Mawlana Thaqib Mahmood | Rabi’uth Thani 1438 Allah has blessed the Human race with many outstanding abilities. Amongst those features, the most defining feature is our ability to communicate our thoughts. The amazing...

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Wisdom corner

-By Mawlana Atif Mahmood | Rabi’uth Thani 1438 Wisdom is a highly valued skill within Muslims and non-Muslims throughout history. Allah the Almighty has taught us that wisdom is a praiseworthy quality in any...

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Ibn Battutah – the greatest Muslim globetrotter

By Dr Mamnun Khan | Rabi’uth Thani 1438 Ibn Battutah’s full name is Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Muhammad ibn Ibrahim al-Luwati al-Tanji. He was born in the year 1304 in Tangier in...