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What does worship – ibaadah – really mean?

Undoubtedly, the most important question in our lives is our ultimate purpose – what are we here for? We know Allah(SWT) has explained that we have not been created except to worship him but what exactly...

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Find all the time you need

I know I know – never enough time to do everything? Feel your always rushed off your feet doing things for others? To-do lists which never ends? Well guess what – you have all the time...

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Best practise: Teaching & Parenting tips

A teacher should possess the following qualities to be considered a good teacher – many of these tips apply equally to parents: PERSONAL qualities Care: He should care for students. If he doesn’t care for...

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Key to mental health

The key to mental health is honesty for this gives relief and consistency. Be sincere to yourself and in this you will find happiness.

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Personal reflections : travelling to Allah’s house

The pinnacle of our life should be calling out in response to Allah(SWT) as verbalised in our talbiyyah – O our Lord, we are here for you and there is nothing which we will...

The blessed land of Makkah where the annual pilgrimage takes place. This months journal charts the story of Ibn Jubair as he travelled from Valencia, Spain to Makkah in Saudi Arabia. 1

LMJ Safar 1438 / Nov 2016

This months issue has articles on Superstition and Safar Finance and investment Developing strong family relations The amazing travels of Ibn Jubair from Valencia to Makkah. Download pdf Read online

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An experiment you won’t regret

Dhul Hij’jah is one of the sacred months since ancient times. According to many scholars, these days are more virtuous than the last 10 days of Ramadhan although less than Laylatul Qadr.

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Where should we put our money

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